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A simple Quartz Scheduler facade

Quartz is no doubt the most popular open source Java library for job scheduling. It's been around for many years and includes advanced features like clustering.

Its API is a bit clunky though, especially for simple cases where you just want to schedule a job using a cron expression.

Android Browser Testing with Selenium

In the current "Mobile Web Revolution" it is increasingly important to test webapps not just for traditional desktop web browsers, but for phone web browsers too.

The Android SDK (unlike e.g. the iPhone one) is available for free and runs on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows), so its emulator is an ideal tool to start testing on at least one mobile browser.

JODReports is alive again

I'm extremely pleased to announce that Terry Liang of Polonious volunteered to resume the development of JODReports - that I started in 2004 and abandoned a few months ago - and thus becomes its new Project Lead. Read the forum announcement.

Announcing OffiViewer for Android

I got myself an Android phone (the shiny new HTC Magic) a few weeks ago. Could I resist the temptation to write an app for it? Of course not.

So OffiViewer 0.1 (beta) enters the Android Market today. Initial price: free.

Tomcat Windows Service and msvcr71.dll

It seems that with Java 6.0 the Tomcat Windows Service Installer just doesn't do what its name implies: it always fails to start Tomcat as a Windows Service. Unless you go and fix things manually.

I wanted to test how Tomcat 6.0 can be installed to run automatically as a Windows service, to make life easy for Windows users. I downloaded the Tomcat Windows Service Installer (apache-tomcat-6.0.18.exe), which I used successfully in the past. The installation went fine, except that the service then just refused to start. A minor detail.

Handling File Upload Responses in GWT

First of all let's make one concept clear: FileUploads don't use XmlHttpRequest as most AJAX requests do. A file upload needs to be a multipart request, and you can't do that with XHR.

Instant Necessity: Spring's @Autowired

Occasionally a piece of software introduces a new feature that is so useful that it instantly becomes a must, to the point that you ask yourself how you managed to live without it for so long.

It's the case of Spring's @Autowired annotation, introduced in version 2.5.

GWT And Maven

There's no doubt that the Google Web Tookit is one of the most interesting frameworks in the Java world for developing AJAX web applications.

But no single library or framework is very useful on its own; any non-trivial Java web application these days easily integrates tens of different libraries. This is why many projects rely on a project build and management tool such as Maven 2 to provide a standard project layout, dependency management, build and release process etc.

A Self-Inflicted Man In The Middle Attack - Or How To Debug HTTPS Web Services

More often than not, life as a software developer involves finding inventive ways to work around various impediments that, one feels, shouldn't have been there in the first place. But hey! that's life. As a developer.

A few days ago I had to debug a problem with an application that interfaces with a third party system, using a web service. The application recently started behaving incorrectly, and the log files only showed an unhelpful generic error from the web service.

OpenOffice.org 2.4 supports PDF/A-1

OpenOffice.org 2.4 has been released on March 27, so let's have a quick look at what it offers to JODConverter users.

To start with, the 2.4 release notes document is not just an ugly issue list taken directly from the tracker as with previous releases, but it is actually quite readable!

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